National Folk Festival in Canberra 2013

Punch & Judy shows

Punch and Judy can be performed for all ages from 5 year old children to mainly adult shows in the evening.

A Punch booth looks good outside, its bold stripes and colourful bunting creates quite a festive atmosphere that evokes the street and seaside shows of old. In the evenings we can light the booth, which gives it a special charm all of its own.

People walk past and are surprised and delighted by what they have discovered, others come specifically to see a Punch and Judy show and revive memories of their childhood.

We also perform indoors where we can manage the sound and lighting to create a unique theatrical performance. We can also set up our own tent and provide a full program of puppetry for any event.

For adults we can emphasise the macabre and darker humour of the show and present a performance that is closer to that performed in the 18th century fairs.

Click here for a list of past events at which we have performed

St. Bartholomew fair in 1808


Here are some videos of shows at various venues:

Punch & Judy at Clunes May 2013 (part1)

Punch & Judy at Clunes May 2013 (part2)

Punch show at Woodford Folk Festival 2008

National Folk Festival, Canberra


Shows can be performed thoughout the day and in the evening. Usually a performer can do two, and in some circumstances three shows, with a break of at least an hour between shows. With two performers alternating we can do even more shows. The number of shows you put on depends on the size of the event and the oevrall program.

Shows are 25 - 30 minutes long.

A Punch and Judy show can be very noisy so it is crucial not to schedule a show while another event nearby may conflict with the performance.

Given that a Punch and Judy show is essentially street theatre it is very easy to organise in terms of technical requirements. We can provide our own sound system and, whether it is indoors or outside, it is quick to bump in and and out.

Phone or send an email that includes a description of your event, its location, when it will be held and any web links you may have.


In Adelaide: Keith Preston
Phone: 04 18 83 92 64


In Melbourne: Chris van der Craats
Phone: 04 30 57 48 44


At Covent Garden in London 2012